Adelaide Herrmann & Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, so let’s pledge a toast to the great Queen of Magic, Adelaide Herrmann! To me she seems glaringly absent from this month’s festivities. I take the blame for that.

For the last couple of months all my usual Adelaide Herrmann activities (blogging & research) have taken a back seat to preparing for my new Adelaide Herrmann show, debuting at the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, CT on May 9th. It’s very exciting. I’ll be doing some new magic (new for me – but some of Adelaide’s old classics), and the performance will be accompanied by award-winning concert pianist Agustin Muriago.

Now I’m in a tizzy and a flurry, dealing with mile-long lists – script, illusions, costumes, sets, assistants, music, lighting/tech, rehearsals, publicity. It’s all the same stuff that Adelaide did, but without her 70+ performing animals and with all the benefits of modern technology.

So My Dear Adelaide, please forgive my public neglect this month as I prepare to honor you big time in May.


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