Happy Birthday Adelaide!

It’s Addie’s birthday! She would have been 159 today, but even she couldn’t pull off the miracle of becoming the world’s oldest living human (by decades). I’m celebrating with a tribute lecture and show at the WOW Convention in Rhode Island. The 1pm session today is entitled, “Happy Birthday Adelaide.” I’ll get to tell her story to an audience of young magicians who may never even have heard of her.

In her memoirs, Adelaide tells of the magical birthday parties her husband, the great Alexander Herrmann, would throw for her on the lawn of their estate in Whitestone, NY, on the Long Island Sound. He would bustle around for a week before, making apparently secret preparations – although she of course knew what was going on. They were lavish catered affairs, with dozens of candles lighting the lawn as guests danced the night away. She described it as a magical fairyland.

Oh, it’s time to go celebrate!